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10:31am 24/09/2009
  happy birthday baby doll  
03:38pm 01/12/2008
  done with graduate school applications and junk. I rewarded myself by buying an AMY's organic pesto and vegetable pizza. they are pretty bomb. I hope i get into school so i can leave the drama filled life of an electrologist. Man, i hate working with those old fat ladies, although i fear as a nurse i will get a lot more of old fat ladies in my life. But i wont care because i'll be makin BANK! if i get in a promised my self i could finally enjoy some nice refer. if i dont, im moving to india and shaving my head.  
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04:34pm 24/09/2008
  happy birthday love.

more beautiful than ever...always.
08:48pm 11/08/2008
  I always looked at the clock at 8:08. i had it set in my mind that something amazing was going to happen in my life 8/08/08, or maybe a huge crazy world ending event would occur and i would already know about it because i was psychic! (ps. i really did think this for a while) but nothing.. i did feel kinda crazy that day which is weird, but all that happened was i got a haircut. lame...

i did get to see cammie though! familiar lunch room faces reunited. ahh. all is not lost..
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12:52pm 30/06/2008
  i gots to get my act together.  
02:06pm 16/07/2007
  you know, youre the reason i started this thing. i avoided it for the longest time. I deleted a lot of old post, that i wish i hadnt. i can still look at yours and remember. In fact, almost everyday i spend hours sifting through old posts. i actually only ever logged on to see what you were doing. i didnt care much about anyone else.

I went way back, back to the beginning.

For the longest time I couldn't remember how we met. When I let go of that strain inside my head, it just came to me. Hah. Seventeen doesn't seem so distant anymore. You remember, I used to be one of those familiar lunch room faces. The ones you wish you hadnt abandoned shoreline for. It was us and Edgar, Cammie and a few others were there too. You and Edgar bonded over the best hot sauce: Tapatio. My favorite mexicans. I liked you from the start, you me, that's a different story. Probably because the first thing I asked you was "Do you like incubus?" HAHA. Of course right? You replied, "Fuck no. the only good thing about that band is the DJ". Naturally because he's black. Despite what you thought, you were always more of a minority than me. In fact, Im sure you brought out the black in me.

For the first couple of days all I would do was laugh when I thought about you. Its real now, and my eyes glass over at every thought, but I still smile. I have this image of you replaying in my head. I am driving you home from one of Crellin's late night gatherings. Both drunk. Your head is out my window, your eyes are closed tight as the wind blows through your hair, you have the biggest smile on your face.

ha. i was silly. i could never forget you.
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07:58am 08/03/2005
  title or description

your fingers are creepy
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